We believe in the long-term satisfaction of our customers which is built on strong relations. Cold metrics will not help in building these relationships, do not add a better customer experience and therefore will not support the growth of overall satisfaction. We like to work with Xperience Level Agreements instead, which helps us to build stronger, more durable and better-satisfied relationships.

Satisfying everyone is impossible, but certainly our ambition. This asks for a new generation of agreements, centered around experience and the desired business impact. These agreements are recorded in a Xperience Level Agreement (XLA), which is a guide and not a judicial document. It records goals from a stakeholder perspective and connects these goals with the improvement of our services. The functioning of the cooperation between parties is just as important as the technical aspects that need to be dealt with. Technology for us is a means to a goal. Our drive is to go for outcome over output.


We DORYMEN strive to be the Bravest, Boldest and Brightest going for the Best. Teamwork and ownership is what defines us. Within our value-based culture, we also embrace failure; only then we can learn and excel for both ourselves as for customer success. The squad entirely designs, plans, builds, runs, loves, tests and supports the applications. The same people that develop the solutions to critical issues, handle the day-to-day monitoring and management of their customer applications. They are given full responsibility for client satisfaction and have complete freedom and mandate to act upon this responsibility. This process is essential to the way we work: we value craftsmanship. We believe in co-creation: joint effort with our partners. We speak up and dare to challenge. We look for a solution, not a fix. Therefore we focus on outcome over output.

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