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28-09-2020 Partnership Fudura

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Fudura, an organization in the Dutch energy market, helps on a daily basis 25.000 companies improve their energy performance, focusing on sustainability. Fudura’s IT department plays an important role in their day-to-day business. One part of its IT business operations is being supported by custom build Salesforce applications. Since 2019, DORYMEN has been a proud partner of Fudura, helping them help companies improve and become more sustainable. In this DORYMEN Story Pieter van Harten, manager IT at Fudura, tells about collaboration based on trust, the importance of the right Salesforce expertise and a shared vision on partnership.

Salesforce expertise is rare. For us that’s a challenge, because one part of our business operations is being supported by Salesforce applications. As a company in the Dutch energy market, the way our administrative processes are being organized is very specific and unique, what makes that a standardized SaaS solution is not always an option. Our environment has a set of custom build Salesforce applications, for which it is hard to find and keep the right people. Because of this challenging fact, I decided to look for a partner who is able to, in the long term, take ownership of all our Salesforce applications as an extension of our IT department. But I did not want to work together with a company where everybody clocks out at 5pm and doesn’t really care about the results. I was looking for a true partner who is able to do the Salesforce management but also likes to develop and does care about going that extra mile without being asked. A strategic partner instead of a standard supplier.

I knew that Strypes (founding partner of DORYMEN) has a development centre in Lisbon, focusing on the Dutch HighTech market. At that time Kees (former employed at Strypes) was setting up DORYMEN, with a focus on Salesforce and an original vision. Both Kees and I have worked for various consultancy firms and learned, based on our experiences, how to achieve the best results in collaboration with partners. DORYMEN’s vision really matched with the qualities I was looking for in a partner, so we decided to shake hands and embark on this adventure together.

Coming up with a suitable sourcing strategy is great, but its success stands or falls by a good partner.Pieter van Harten, ICT Manager at Fudura

The implementation of the sourcing strategy within Fudura was exactly the right time for DORYMEN to step in. For a successful sourcing strategy, the variables of scarcity, costs and flexibility must constantly be balanced, so you want to partly outsource and partly insource. But, we also don’t want to outsource everything because we want to guarantee our own flexibility with our own people, being able to switch easily with and for our customers. That is almost some sort of ´game´, to constantly find out what to outsource and what not. I based the sourcing strategy on a three levelled pace layer architecture. At the first and highest level, the heart rate (pace) of change is high: that’s where innovation happens. At the second level, the heartbeat of change becomes slower, down to the lowest level, the administrative processes. Major changes don’t affect your market position that much on the lowest level. Depending on what process is placed where in the pace layer architecture, you decide to in or outsource roles and or tasks. The implementation of the sourcing strategy is an ongoing process, a constant interplay of variables, from which we are still learning. A loyal partner and the right timing are essential for a successful implementation, and for both aspects DORYMEN came exactly at the right time.

Going all-in on your first project, with new team members, working overnight and extra weekends to meet the deadline: that shows you are a true partner. Pieter van Harten, ICT Manager at Fudura

In September 2019, DORYMEN already turned out to be a great partner. The DORYMEN experts where deployed within our scrum team to develop the Asset Register. This project desperately needed a deadline, so Fudura’s steering committee set one. A number of DORYMEN experts were flown in and from two locations (Leersum and Lisbon) they worked with our scrum team to meet the deadline: for days, nights and weekends they worked. No questions asked and without complaining. For me, that really shows you are our partner and are willing to go that extra mile. It was also nice to know that going from the first moment of collaboration there were no big language difficulties, even though some of us were expecting there would be. In IT there already is a lot of English terminology, and the Dutch and Portuguese are both fluent in English. The quality of development provided by the DORYMEN experts is excellent. Combined with their pro-active attitude and the willingness to go that extra mile (even unasked), it really shows that we are a good match.

The collaboration and way of working together is improving every sprint. I think the whole team is really open, friendly and the communication is great. Together you care for the best solution to a problem. No shortcuts are taken, all options are discussed openly on the table.Fabian Pas, ICT architect at Fudura

At this point more DORYMEN experts work in our teams and all of our linked product owners are very satisfied with them. I value their opinions a lot because at the end the product owners are the ones making the changes for the business. If one of the DORYMEN isn’t attending a meeting, they immediately ask why he is not there. They have truly become highly respected partners within our teams.

DORYMEN thinks and acts out of the box, they really want to be a partner; challenge themselves and us, helping improve our business. Especially their improving attitude is where I see their value. Everyone is intrinsically motivated to make the best of it. From an employee point of view we also invest in our relationship outside of the workplace; we went to a soccer game in Portugal and took everyone on a stadium tour here in the Netherlands, we went out for dinner and drinks, just having a good time together and bond. It is our way of saying we appreciate you and your work, let’s keep this going in to the future.

Within a year DORYMEN has gained a lot of knowledge about Fudura, the energy market and our Salesforce platform applications. They are a real extension of our team, like friends even. A nice example to proof this is their flexible attitude in ways they would even shift their holidays to ours so we are both aligned on team availability.Wiebe Wijga, Scrum Master at Fudura

Our partnership is based on trust, proactivity and being able to adjust quickly. The DORYMEN experts often give useful feedback: try it like this, have you thought about that option, can we help finding a solution. What DORYMEN also likes to do is pick up a problem and work their way into solving it, brainstorming and collaborating with our scrum team members. All of a sudden they have a new demo ready and just like that they are contributing to further optimization. I think by now it is pretty clear we both like to work non-traditional. By choice. You can also see that in the way we do our performance reviews; no traditional contracts or Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), but six factors of which we measure our partnership: an eXperience Level Agreement (XLA). An XLA has way more focus on the quality of the partnership instead of the technical details: for us those details are a prerequisite. The central question of an XLA is ‘do we meet each other’s expectations?’. This is still an ongoing process in which we are both learning and growing, and to which the XLA should contribute very concretely.

The next few years we will be expending and working on our partnership together: DORYMEN will take more ownership of our Salesforce platform, taking in the whole lifecycle of all the applications. They also will take care of projects in close collaboration with our people. The main conclusion is that we are both satisfied with our non-traditional way of working together and that we are looking forward to the future.

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