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28-01-2021 Academy in practice

In this DORYMEN Story we will give an impression of our academy and the experience of graduating it. José as the founding father will explain the philosophy behind the academy. Pedro entered DORYMEN via our academy and will share his experience.

Growth by mentorship

“We believe that Salesforce is the best for purpose solution for our clients. We also believe that every skilled developer with the right mindset and guidance can become a Salesforce specialist, which is why we founded the DORYMEN academy.”

Our academy is an important part of us, because we believe in personal and professional growth by mentorship. We challenge and therefor allow our trainees to exceed themselves with us standing right next to them and guiding them every step of the way. How do we do that? With a manageable programme, challenging exercises, short term goals, mentorship from all of the Salesforce specialists and learning by doing. The goal of the academy is to facilitate fast learning. You have to fail a lot of times to learn and that is okay, but if you have a mentor to guide you on your journey, you will learn faster.

 If you have a mentor to guide you on your journey, you will learn faster.

A learning process dedicated to you

Pedro completed the academy traineeship successfully. Before starting at DORYMEN he already experienced various training settings at other companies. “But it’s not comparable”, he says. “Here I really learned a lot of technical skills, really well guided. This academy was focused on just me, instead of a huge amount of trainees taking the same training. I could reach my co-workers whenever I needed them. Next to that I had one of them coaching me one on one for a period of time. Sure, I also felt the pressure of delivering, passing two Salesforce certifications. But it was all well organized into a smooth progress from which I could quickly join a real project.”

The common scenario

Pedro paints a picture of a common scenario at another company: you come in with very good basic skills and are eager to learn all you can about Salesforce. You are very excited to begin your first day. As you walk into the office, you see your colleague saved you a seat next to him. All day long you have to watch him work in Salesforce. That’s right, watch him work. All day long. The day after you get to do some learning by yourself. But there is no specific timeslot in which you have to reach a certain goal. You start to feel lost and wonder when you will ever become that Salesforce specialist. That is a learning process not dedicated to you. At DORYMEN it is. We want you to exceed yourself.

The programme of the academy

So our scenario looks like this, José explains: “you come in with very good basic skills and are eager to learn all you can about Salesforce. You are very excited to begin your first day. As you walk into the office, you are welcomed by the team and get to know everyone personally. For the first three months you will be following our inhouse Salesforce training, working towards your first Salesforce certificate. We made a roadmap for you, with the best suiting Trailhead (Salesforce’s own learning platform) trainings and customized exercises based on real projects. With every exercise you have someone working with you. You connect daily and learn from each other’s way of working. You take full ownership of your schedule and progress, we guide you along the way.”

We are your coaches, you take ownership of your learning process.

Taking ownership by reaching your goals

José continues: “When after three months you receive your first Salesforce certificate, you complete your inhouse training with a presentation to the rest of the team and begin working at a project for one of our clients. You are now mostly learning by doing. After three more months you get your second Salesforce certificate. Congratulations! By challenge, focus, mentorship and experienced success you may call yourself a real DORY(WO)MEN and continue to learn a lot by doing and further development to become a Salesforce specialist.”

Pedro experienced that it is important to have objectives. “Those short term goals of getting the Salesforce certificates help you get through the academy, because you can take ownership of them. You are in control of exceeding yourself, fully supported by the rest of the team.”  

Creating opportunities

José set up the academy within DORYMEN. “I like to teach people and welcome them into this world”. When talking about the academy, you can tell it comes from his heart. He cares about creating opportunities for same minded people. It has everything to do with his personal story.

Before he enrolled in IT, he wanted to become a mechanical engineer, fixing cars. “I will never forget my uncle telling me; do you want to fix other people’s cars for the rest of your life or do you want to own the car?” He did want to own the car, so he chose a career in IT. Being a Salesforce specialist has brought him so much, that he wishes this for others as well. But, of course Salesforce does have to suit you. It is for people wanting to learn high level software. If you have the right mindset and you want to focus on solving business problems, you will like working with Salesforce.

Not just sharing knowledge

With the academy we are not just sharing our knowledge, we also want to share the values that make us us, and the enrichment of life that comes with being a Salesforce specialist working at DORYMEN. It is two sided: we only want to work with men and women that want to deliver the most, but also know that happy employees deliver the best work. So we really care about being happy, having a satisfying work-life-balance, working as friends and challenging each other. Work has to be fun. So we don’t work in a controlling way, we trust everybody to take ownership and deliver the best.

Salesforce has to suit you. Working at DORYMEN has to suit you. When both do, expect fireworks. 

Delivering together

We want all of the DORYMEN to feel empowered in their knowledge and strong in their capabilities, believing in themselves and in their teammates, always working together to get shit done. Even if that means working an occasional weekend. We don’t care! As long as we can go out together afterwards. For us, that mindset starts in the academy.

“The fact that we can offer new talent such a good programme makes us very proud.” In the next year we hope to be welcoming new trainees so we can make more clients happy with our Salesforce specialistic work. As long as Salesforce suits you, you have a flexible mindset and if you want to work with friends, please feel welcome to join us.

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